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YAMA GIRL. A woman of the mountains.
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lest we forget

It was a dark time

i always felt like 90% of NZ had a 5yr old pot in the pantry, but no one in the house actually liked it all that much so this whole thing was an experience

At the time we had some in the pantry that nobody ate but I started eating it during Marmageddon just as a fuck you to everyone else that couldn’t and now I like it again and eat it all the time?

I remember when it began being produced again and around my college there were buckets of small tubes of Marmite for free (we have a Sanitarium factory on our campus, though pretty sure it’s just produces cereal) so that was exciting and I took many home and then when I actually tasted some I realised that in the short time it was unavailable my tastes changed and weirdly I now prefer Vegemite (even though I hated it previously)

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Today has just been me flicking back and forth between being definitely set on having silvery-white hair and then realising it’s completely impractical.


Idk I’ll have to see how my money goes bc I’d probably have to get it redone at least once a month to prevent terrible regrowth so idk if I can reasonably afford it.

Phantoms: What if, in another universe, I deserve you? (The AU where your otp is never meant to be with each other, on infinite timeloop)

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I wanted bleached white hair but apparently it would be super tricky and heaps of maintenance plus super expensive so not happening but I’m sad because I wanted to emulate the dragon’s daughter

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