Sometimes I get an aching cramp type thing in an arm or leg and my first thought is always DVT.

One of the residents at work listens to Enrique Iglesias and I think it’s so cute. He’s an 80 year old man and he goes to sleep listening to Latin pop.



empty houses/apartments make me sad 

Makes me feel the complete opposite
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Nicolas Demeersman aka Pretty Punk (b. 1978, Seclin) Worldwide ongoing Fucking Tourist series 2009-2014 Captures The Resentment Of Locals With A Simple Gesture. (Info with each pic)

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This girl is amazing. She took a 2 hour bus ride just to meet me in the city for a shoot. We caught the 2 to Harlem and had a great time shooting. I’m still building my portfolio. I’m still really new to photography. She’s a pretty accomplished model and she was super cool. 

The Girl With Caramel Skin

Photography by Spencer Charles

Working it as usually looking good

My boo!

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Opaque  by  andbamnan