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The above is so me. My gut reaction is to cringe at the phrase “online activism” but when you really think about it everything these online communities provide —  free information/literature sharing, community building, consciousness raising, and the free exchange of ideas and critiques are all (more within the self, more passive) forms of activism.

One of my favorite rebuttals of some asshat saying the usual “SJ blogs don’t even do anything because it’s not in real life” was when someone said "If it wasn’t for online activism, I’d still be calling women sluts and whores."

Same for me. And now I’m a sociology major and I go to a women’s college and constantly read/think/write about intersectional feminism. So fuck anyone who thinks online social justice conversations and blogs don’t “do anything.”

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Saving this for people who think that online activism and education doesn’t have value.

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Through this little blogging website, I learned a fuckton about homophobia, sexism, racism, and took all of it to heart. I know some people scoff at “social justice”, but without it, I would still be homophobic, I’d still be a little sexist, and I’d probably still be saying unintentionally racist bullshit.

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i liked how bran put his hand on the tree and it was like

'previously on game of thrones…..'

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Ughhhh I have work up on high care this afternoon again.

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